At Transverse Leadership, we serve a diverse range of established and emerging leaders at varying career stages within some of the world’s leading private, public and social sector organizations. Given our commitment to confidentiality we do not identify our clients by name. Following is what some have to say about our services.

“I appreciated all of your very insightful feedback. It was clear that you are excellent at what you do and had absolutely done your homework. I look forward to absorbing even more of the information we discussed for taking the next steps to fine tune my journey.”

"The mix of leadership assessments helped me to consider (and reconsider) my working style and interests more specifically. However, it was Tanya's thorough analysis that was invaluable. Tanya has a way of coaxing out meaning from a complexity of information and personality traits. Her sensitive yet direct coaching style helped me to start navigating more confidently towards new professional and personal goals."

"Tanya is terrific. She is super smart, quick and very analytical. She has given me confidence and validated my conclusions about my current career situation. She has been an invaluable resource through this personal transition time."

"Tanya created a safe and non-judgmental space for me to be truly honest with myself, as I was struggling to identify a career path that was true to my personality and values. Her thorough and holistic approach to weaving together the threads of insights from the assessments allowed me to understand what cloth I was cut from. Working with Tanya has had a profound impact on my career and I will continue to look to her to be an honest and caring sounding board that I can absolutely trust."

"I found the feedback that Tanya provided insightful, straightforward and valuable as I strive to be more effective in my current role, but also to step back and consider where I would like to be going forward. The conclusions from the evaluations, while not surprising, confirmed the direction I want to go in."

"Tanya worked with my team of 12 secondary educators to assess our leadership potential in our individual teaching roles. Tanya's coaching was not only supportive and helpful, but empowering and invigorating. In education, it is sometimes very difficult to find quality professional development. I believe the team received invaluable feedback that we will incorporate immediately into our teaching and school culture."

"Working with Tanya has given me the focus and support I needed to actually begin to take control of my career. I have been wanting to make a change for a while, but have been struggling with taking the first step. Tanya's combination of great experience and her supportive personal manner has given me confidence, and a greater awareness of which direction to take and what I need to get there. Her continued support and her guidance about the practical steps I should take at each stage have been exactly what I need! "

"Tanya is incredibly intelligent, personable, sincere and creative and working with her was a true pleasure. The feedback Tanya delivers is constructive, with the foresight to take you to the next level in your career while focusing on your current strengths and working to develop those areas to make you a better leader. I highly recommend Tanya for anyone who needs expert leadership coaching and guidance."

"I worked with Tanya as I was embarking on a career change but unclear about the direction I wanted to pursue. Tanya helped me narrow my search to jobs that were right for me based on my interests and abilities. Thanks to Tanya, I am now pursuing a new career path that both excites me and matches my skill set. Overall I could not recommend Tanya highly enough. She has strong analytical skills to provide deep insights about her clients, superb communication skills to deliver information clearly, succinctly, and gracefully, as well as deep compassion to help people achieve their goals."

"Getting coached by Tanya was an eye-opening experience. She not only helped me realize my professional potential but also helped restore my self confidence. She is an amazing listener and takes a sincere interest in her client’s careers. After working with Tanya, I now have a realistic understanding of my interests and a concrete plan for the coming year. Getting to this point has been a huge achievement! Thanks Tanya!”

"Tanya's thorough and thoughtful analysis allowed me to focus on my career drivers and aspirational goals. Our sessions have been the catalyst for me to refocus on my professional three-, five- and ten-year plan. I expect that I will continue to tap into Tanya's deep knowledge and understanding of professional development throughout my career."

"Tanya is great to work with if you feel like a fork that is being used as a spoon. We all change our career goals and outlook as we journey through life. Tanya helped make me aware of this, and then helped guide me through the tricky process of leveraging skills, assessing risk, and developing an effective strategy to make the transition. Tanya is your coach, confidant, and cheerleader all rolled into one."

"Although I am a professional with twenty two years experience, taking on a new leadership role with much wider scope can be daunting. Tanya's coaching and detailed career assessments delineated my developmental areas and specified where I need to focus to be effective. I am entering my future role with greater clarity and confidence."

"I consistently use Tanya as a sounding board when considering a new opportunity or challenge. She helps me analyze the strategic leadership implications of my decisions and always tells it like it is. Her guidance has been invaluable in helping me succeed in a very demanding profession."

"The leadership assessments allowed me to move ahead knowing exactly what I was looking for. Once Tanya discussed the reports with me I realized how true and exact the feedback really was. I continue to rely on her guidance and support to help me make the right choices! "

"Working with Tanya has been an invaluable experience for me. Her coaching helped me recognize my personal and professional skills, and match them to industries which suit them best. Tanya’s career assessments and advice were extremely helpful in selecting my current job, and I am confident they will continue to steer my career choices and professional development going forward."

"Working with Tanya gave me the confidence I needed for a successful interview and I got the job! The personal attention I received far surpassed my expectations and I will never hesitate to contact her in the future with questions. She is an invaluable contact for every professional who hopes to make the most out of their careers."

"Tanya is a pleasure to work with. Her enthusiasm and energy are contagious, and she definitely got me excited about my potential and the possible directions my career could move along in. I was confused about where my career was heading when I met her, and now I feel like I have a good handle on how to proceed. Tanya really impressed me with her professionalism, in-depth analysis and recommendations thereof."

"The level of professionalism coupled with the ease of a confidant would describe my truly amazing and pleasant experience with Tanya throughout my coaching and debrief sessions. Tanya’s expertise, resourcefulness and manner of delivery exhibit the utmost respect during the difficult and yet exciting process of redirecting one’s career path. The instruments uncovered leadership characteristics and preferences that will guide me in making more appropriate choices in my next career. Tanya’s delivery, leadership and most important follow up in counseling my next steps has put me far ahead of where I dreamed I could ever go ! ."

"Working with Tanya has been so encouraging and such an eye-opener at the same time. Tanya is straight-forward, yet helps you remain true to your beliefs. It has been a rewarding experience. I highly recommend Tanya to everyone requiring guidance and direction at any stage of their professional lives."

"Working with Tanya helped me validate what I already knew about my strengths but taught me so much more about opportunities for development. Thanks to Tanya's outstanding coaching skills and depth of feedback I got on the leadership assessments I now have specific goals, a clear strategy and greater self confidence to take the next steps in my career."

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