Today's business landscape makes it imperative for organizations to acquire and groom their talent pipeline with unprecedented speed and precision. Research and practice alike have consistently proven that the quality of a firm’s human capital is the singular most powerful factor in shaping the destiny of any organization. The need to attract and retain leaders with deep self-awareness, whose skills and capabilities translate effectively across geographic borders, cultures and functions has never been more pressing. We partner with senior leaders and their teams to deliver high impact solutions to the following challenges.

1. Leadership Assessment and Benchmarking

How do I get my highest potential leaders rigorous individualized feedback and external benchmarking around their leadership strengths/blind spots, interpersonal orientation needs and conflict management/negotiation style?

2. Robust 360 feedback

How do I use 360 tools to create a culture of developmental feedback in my organization?

3. Talent development processes and individual goal setting

How do we incorporate assessment feedback into our organizations talent development processes so executives are accountable for developing their Individual Development Plans and tracking actionable goals?

4. Leadership training strategy

What have we learned about the developmental areas of a cohort of our high potential leaders and how does this data oriented approach drive training/development we invest in moving forward?

5. Cost effective global coaching

I do not have a budget for globally dispersed executives to attend costly executive education programs – how do I avail of highly customized leadership coaching with high impact for a competitive price point?

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