At Transverse Leadership, we work closely with emerging and established executives worldwide to deepen their leadership self-awareness. Used in conjunction with high impact coaching, we offer a rigorous, data driven approach through a range of customized, renowned psychometric assessments covering the following key areas.

Leadership blind spot and strengths

Benchmark your leadership capabilities to those of over 5,000 high potential executives across a range of industries and understand key dimensions critical to your long-term success.

Conflict resolution and negotiation

Understand your preferred mode of handling conflict and analyze your likely behavior in conflict situations with key stakeholders.

Personality awareness and teamwork

Develop awareness of how your personality and mental processing could potentially impact your work style, communication style, team style, and decision making. Obtain insight into your interpersonal needs from your coworkers, manager and direct reports.

Career interests and

Get clarity on your career interests across 130 occupations as well as greater depth on your style with respect to work, learning, risk taking and team orientation.

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